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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mini Printable Food for AG Dolls!

So I found two websites that have Mini Printable things for your dolls!
Theses are from
Use the 1:3 for your dolls, if you find some to big then use 1:6.
Click the link to the Free ones. Don't know why your have to pay for all the others. 
Click Here! Or copy this:

 There is the other website I found some time ago that's not as cool but all of its prints are free!

1:6 is play scale for most Dolls but 1:3 is better for AG doll if they had it. Sadly they do not have any that size.


  1. hi paper minis isnt working can u fix it thanks your awsome. from jessica.

  2. you're supposed to help people with free printables